Renault Ireland


July was a very busy month for me with racing at home and abroad along with the release of my Medical exam results! However, the best part of the month for me was the release of the news that I was the new Renault brand ambassador for the new Renault Captur. I had been keeping quiet about it for the last few weeks so it was with great delight that I could finally let everyone know. I headed to Dublin to collect my brand new Renault Captur at Sandymount beach. The head of Renault was there to give me the keys to my Renault Captur Signature complete with bike rack, roof box and the necessary tow bar J There was a photoshoot on the beach front which was a lot of run as I had brought up my Planet X road bike to pedal around on. Following the photoshoot and handover I was invited to a garden party as one of Renault Irelands guests. The party was to celebrate Bastille Day which involved an open air soiree that was held at the French Residence in Dublin 4. The whole day was filled with excitement and it is one I will never forget. So many good things happened and I had the pleasure of meeting so many new faces- both from Renault and former French President Jacques Chirac!


Despite a soiree full of dignitaries, former heads of state and Renault board members the most terrifying part of the day for me was the drive out of Sandymount with the Renault staff observing my driving skills (DON’T CURB THE WHEELS!)


I would like to say a massive thank you to Renault Ireland for choosing me as their new brand ambassador. I aim to represent Renault to the best of my ability and hope to showcase the Captur to its full potential. For me, the car offers the best of both worlds. It is both professional looking and stylish while practical enough to adapt to all my sporting needs- bikes, turbos, wetsuits, (triathletes come with copious baggage… Minus the bike rack- you can get 4 bikes into the back with seats down!). It is incredibly humbling to have the support of such a multi-national company so thank you for believing in me.


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