A blog!

So my first official blog. I thought it best I start one of these as I am on one hell of a personal and sporting journey at the minute. I rounded off my 2014 Triathlon season at the Triathlon Ireland awards and it was only after all the chat and dancing when I got back to the hotel with my club mates that I was able to reflect on things a bit.


I started off the year a nobody- lets be completely honest- and within the space of 3 months I found myself winning the biggest race of my life to date- the National standard distance champs which was hosted by Limerick Triathlon Club in Kilkee at their incredible race “Hell of the West”. I had participated in this race in 2013 but it was just to see if I could physically handle it (I had health issues to contend with from 2010 onwards. I was told to basically bin my runners, hang up my swimsuit and forget about sport!) Anyway I have been in the clear since 2013 and I am feeling better than ever. I honestly believe that having this second chance is what makes me enjoy the sport so much. I feel priviledged to be able to get up every morning and decide that I would like to swim/bike or run. We all complain and moan about training but it’s great to be able to do it! Joining GoTri in March I don’t think I expected to a) be accepted into the club like I was always part of the team or b) to make so many good friends. Even just racing this season around the country I am nearly certain I managed to have a chat with someone from every club (Triathlon is social!)

The season I had was near perfect- bad timing with studies for one or two races meant I was trying to compete with zero training or sleep in the engine, but overall it was the most enjoyable summer I’ve had to date.

I will be updating this as often as I can and I look forward to sharing some exiting news about my new sponsors for the coming season!


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